The Façonnable brand is rolling out an RFID item-level inventory management system across its entire inventory - in a move claimed to be the fashion industry's most extensive.

The TAGSYS FiTS (Fashion-item Tracking System) is being deployed across more than 70 branded retail stores, distribution centres on two continents, integration with third-party logistics suppliers, and 100% coverage of the millions of items being sold by Façonnable and its retail partners.

The result is complete item-level visibility throughout the supply chain that will help reduce costs and accelerate replenishment cycles.

"We have a complex global supply chain that requires timely and accurate information on all of our inventory," explains Yonni Mrejen, vice president of retail and operations at Façonnable.

He added that the RFID system " provides us [with] the type of visibility and real-time data we need to dynamically make critical decisions on distribution and replenishment, both within our operations as well as with our third-party logistics suppliers and retail partners.

"The net result is time and cost savings that ultimately produces a better overall customer experience at the retail level."

An additional benefit of implementing the TAGSYS system is that Façonnable's inventory meets US retailers' RFID compliance mandates.

The FiTS system provides a centralised management dashboard that delivers detailed real-time information on product availability, shipment status and retail inventory levels.

It integrates with existing business process systems such as Façonnable's ERP system, as well as its distribution partners' WMS solutions.

Product distribution and replenishment strategies can be quickly adapted to meet specific market and store needs, reducing item handling costs and improving sales opportunities through reduction of out-of-stocks.

The Façonnable deployment includes UHF garment hang tags, HHU-400 handheld readers, the SRU-400 point of sale reader, UHF Security Gates for theft prevention and TAGSYS' e-Connectware software, which manages RFID data and provides an interface to back-office and in-store systems as well as enterprise applications.

When items arrive at a distribution centre or retail store, the merchandise is read as its passes through UHF portals positioned at a variety of checkpoints. As the events are recorded, the inventory is automatically updated within Façonnable's management software.