A telemarketing company that drives sales of Asian textiles to UK retailers has opened its latest call centre in Sri Lanka.

Set up by Bradford, West Yorkshire-based ILS Promotions, Click Communications operates from Colombo, Sri Lanka where owner Sanjay Penerrera is able to save at least 50 per cent on the cost of UK premises and HR overheads.

The firm employs 16 call centre operatives, who place 2500 calls per day over a single 128kbps unmanaged Internet link to the UK. Standard telephone handsets of the call centre staff are plugged directly into the Tenor A800' intelligent VoIP switch from the Techland Group. Calls are terminated at Telehouse in London by a Quintum Tenor CMS carrier-class VoIP switch and are forwarded to the caller over low-cost PSTN lines.

Such is the success with which business is being expanded, that Click Communications expects to increase its call centre operators by a factor of at least 10 times within a few months.