Bureau Veritas can help tackle the problem of mould and mildew

Bureau Veritas can help tackle the problem of mould and mildew

A new programme has been introduced to help tackle the problem of mould and mildew contaminating clothing and footwear products during the manufacturing and distribution processes.

Testing and inspection specialist Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services has developed the prevention programme, which focuses on a factory assessment that focuses on the conditions in which products are manufactured, stored and packed before shipment. Product testing and educational seminars are also available.   

"Mould is a serious issue for retailers and manufacturers," explains marketing director Chris Baird.

"It's estimated, for example, that 5% of all shoes are rejected by retailers because of mould. The cause is often factories and assembly plants, particularly in Asia, which can become ideal breeding grounds for mould because of the warmth and high humidity."

The company says its programme is already being used by some leading global retailers looking to reduce the cost of mouldy products being shipped.

Not only can mould growth lead to textiles, clothes, shoes and other leather goods becoming discoloured and smelling, but mould spores can also be toxic and represent a health hazard.

The problem leads to millions of dollars' worth of products being rejected by retailers, or returned by consumers, every year.

Mould can arise at any stage of the manufacturing and retail process, but often stems from humid conditions in factories and poorly ventilated warehousing and transport.

Chemicals used to tackle and prevent it face increasingly tight restrictions, with many now banned in the US and Europe.