Anti-sweatshop group The Fair Labour Association (FLA) has produced an in-depth report on working conditions in the global clothing supply chain.

The association, with the backing of major apparel brands such as Nike, Adidas-Salomon, and Reebok, produced the report after investigating conditions at 110 subcontracting factories in 20 countries.
The visits to the factories (the names of which were undisclosed), were made by FLA-accredited monitors and found problems such as the breaking of safety requirements, and inadequate benefit and overtime payments.

The report also identified the failure of employers to allow the forming of unions, and added that all the factories surveyed were in non-compliance with that particular standard.

Another point highlighted was the difficulty of promoting standards within the international supply chain, where a single brand will subcontract to a large number of factories globally.

The FLA was set up in 1999 by human rights groups, US companies and universities, amid increased consumer concerns regarding developing countries' factory conditions.