Workers from a Burberry factory in Treorchy, south Wales, have been demonstrating against the planned closure of the site, which also contains a warehouse.

Burberry is in talks to shut the site by the end of this year as it shifts manufacturing to lower-price countries. 309 jobs could be lost if the closure goes ahead.

Workers protested yesterday (26 October) at The Welsh Assembly Government in capital Cardiff.

Mervyn Burnett, from Britain's General Union (GMB), said: "This is the next step in the GMB campaign to gather support from elected representatives and others to maintain Burberry production in South Wales. 

"We will maintain our campaign to 'Keep Burberry British'…and I will be meeting my trade union colleagues from Burberry factories throughout the country to discuss the campaign."

Campaigners have already held protests at the factory itself and outside the company's London store.

However, whether Burberry - which has already held a year-long review of its operations - will respond to workers'calls is doubtful, some would argue.

The company said at the time it announced its proposal that the site, which makes polo shirts, is no longer commercially viable.

At the time a Burberry spokeswoman told just-style the closure was not yet definite but she added that the company could transfer production to Asia or South America.