Bangladeshi garment maker Fakir Fashion has deployed the SewEasy system to help improve efficiency and productivity.

A combination of the SewEasy Actual SMV Calculation System - which calculates standard minute values - and industrial engineering (work study) methodologies in sewing room management are intended to contribute to the company's overall competitiveness.

Fakir Fashion makes knitted garments, with over 200 lines and plans for a major expansion in 2013. Customers include H&M, C&A, Tom Tailor and Mexx.

Hemantha Kumara, general manager of Sri Lanka based SewEasy, says the tool helps users benefit from apparel industry best practices, gain visibility, establish key performance indicators, achieve benchmarks and increase profits.

Automating the work study functions also means labour content and costs are immediately available for line planning, helping to balance workflow and improve efficiency.