Fast Retailing is set to open its first two stores in Bangladesh as part of its tie-up with Grameen Group's Grameen Healthcare Trust, a social enterprise that helps to address issues related to poverty, public sanitation, education, gender issues and the environment.

The Grameen Uniqlo stores will tailor their offer to the specific needs of Bangladeshi consumers, offering a range of 32 items for men, and ten for women, for between US$2.50-15.50.

Products will be produced in Bangladesh using locally sourced materials, providing practical items in a range of colours made from soft and synthetic fibres - made by locals, for locals.

Fast Retailing chairman, president, and CEO Tadashi Yanai said: "We are pleased to announce today our next step in our long-term commitment to the rapidly developing nation of Bangladesh.

"We reinvest any profits to grow the business, and help to address challenges related to poverty, hygiene, and education. Our aim is to nurture independence and self-sufficiency, and to contribute toward raising the standard of living in Bangladesh."

Until now, Grameen Uniqlo has focused on door-to-door sales in farming farming villages - offering affordable, quality clothing to people living below the poverty line.

The new stores in Dhaka will create local jobs and offer customers in Bangladesh's capital quality, comfortable, and affordable clothing, the company said.

Uniqlo set up its social business unit in Bangladesh in September 2010 and its joint venture with Grameen Group's Grameen Healthcare Trust in August 2011.