FastFit360 has added new e-sampling mobility features to its cloud-based tool, allowing fashion brands and retailers to capture, upload, and annotate videos on the go.

Apparel brands and retailers can use the new feature, Burst, to capture videos with their mobile and tablet devices, and upload them to FastFit360's cloud computing platform.

The imagery can be used for design inspiration, construction ideas, fit guidance, or colour and trend direction. 

Users can sort and annotate frames, focusing on product issues and sharing the most relevant visual data with colleagues or business partners.

According to FastFit360, users do not need to open multiple editing programmes, send e-mails or attachments, or wait for large files to process.

"Our customers want new realms of freedom to capture and easily communicate visual information,” said Roxy Starr, executive vice president, design and development, FastFit360.

“Great concepts and inspiration emerge suddenly in the world of fashion. Our customers must be able to leverage that visual information in a very impromptu, but effective, way. That’s what Burst delivers.”