"Sourcing Gets Technical: How to Build Margins and Find Efficiencies from Design to Delivery," a panel hosted by Fasturn, was one of the hot topics in the halls at MAGIC last week.

Experts from a variety of apparel arenas - manufacturers, retailers, financial analysts, technology providers, and risk managers - converged to discuss opportunities for manufacturers to find technology solutions that build margins and create supply chain efficiencies from design to delivery.

Panelists discussed and evaluated the range of solutions available within the apparel segment today, as well as integration techniques, based on their first-hand experiences.

Panelists included: Robert Drbul, vice president and analyst, textile, footwear and apparel for Lehman Brothers; Bernard Goor, vice president of i2 Technologies; Robert E. Gordon, vice president of eCRM for Avantrust; and Andy Kahn, chairman of Kahn Lucas Lancaster and president of the CMD division of the American Apparel and Footwear Association. The panel was moderated by Frank Litvack, chairman and CEO of Fasturn.

"The panel and audience agreed that the key to increasing margins and driving revenue is to improve business processes, however, it is difficult to sustain improvements using traditional business tools," Litvack told just-style.com.

"Companies who improve processes without technology will have to continually struggle to maintain the improvements. The combination of technology and best-case business practices sets a new performance baseline that can maintain a certain level of margin enhancement that can continue to be improved over time."