A new packaging solution will help retailers make the most of mobile-enhanced technology across their entire supply chain, according to developers FineLine Technologies and Scanbuy.

The two tech companies have joined forces to launch the integrated solution, which will see retailers have their own customised mobile codes applied at the point of manufacture.

FineLine and Scanbuy say this will enable companies the leverage the customer engagement opportunities provided by QR Code, Microsoft Tags and NFC triggers.

And they add that the “comprehensive” service will provide everything retailers need to implement their own store-branded QR or NFC product marketing programmes, including mobile microsite design, product and shelf labelling, a vendor compliance programme to manage content, and analytics that support integration.

The codes and triggers allow retailers to deliver mobile content including accessory ideas, promotional videos, cross promotions and product information.

“With easy implementation across any number of products and suppliers, retailers can take advantage of mobile-enhanced product packaging to engage with shoppers in real time,” said George Hoffman, CEO of FineLine Technologies.

“This is an important element in a retailer’s strategy to provide their own store-branded mobile content to shoppers and fully realise their omnichannel marketing objectives.”