In a move aimed at enhancing cargo management operations based out of Asia, FMI/Kesco has selected Log-Net supply chain execution software to provide online transportation management for international shipments.

FMI International is a New Jersey-based provider of national and international logistics services, warehousing and distribution, and Kesco Container Line is its Hong Kong-based partner providing air, sea and intermodel logistics services. Both FMI/Kesco and Log-Net have an extensive background and experience in the fashion and apparel industries.

Log-Net, featuring recent additions such as entirely upgraded EDI (electronic data interchange) capabilities, will help them maintain this advantage by enabling total cargo management through their vendors, as well as their multiple service providers.

"Log-Net gives our customers the opportunity to manage their business more effectively while increasing supply chain visibility, streamlining multi-function tasks, and integrating data exchange," said Bob O'Neill, executive vice president of sales and marketing at FMI.