Chinese and Vietnamese shoemakers have been joining forces to lobby against a potential double-digit tariff on shoe imports into the EU.

The EU looks set to impose anti-dumping duties of nearly 20% on Chinese and Vietnamese shoe exports. The European Commission has been probing footwear exports from the two countries for nine months following claims by European producers that the shoes are sold at unreasonably cheap prices within the EU.

In response, shoemakers from China and Vietnam have been grouping to fight the duties and defend their position during the probe.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, one coalition in China, formed early this month, now includes 170 factories responsible for some 250,000 employees. Another group of more than 20 Vietnamese and Chinese shoemakers has hired US law firm White & Case to represent its interests.

The Wall Street Journal reported that these efforts, combined with lobbying from retailers in Europe and the US, had already likely convinced the EU to exclude certain athletic footwear from the tariffs.