Fourteen people were killed and another was injured in a fire at a an underwear factory in south China's Guangdong Province Tuesday, according to state media reports.

The fire at a four-storey building in the city of Shantou, was allegedly started by a disgruntled former factory worker.

The Xinhua news agency report said that Liu Shuangyun, who has been apprehended by police, allegedly brought petroleum to set the fire and then fled the scene afterwards.

Liu had reportedly worked in the factory for about one year and been paid on a piece-work basis for producing underwear. He lit the fire because the factory boss always docked his wages, taking a total of CNY3,000 to date, the report said.

Some 27 people were working at the factory when the fire started.

The case is still being investigated, and Shantou City is working to determine the identities of the 14 dead and undertake check-ups on the safety of other factory facilities in the city.

A factory fire killed at least 110 people in Bangladesh on 24 November, and two factory fires killed at least 265 people in Pakistan during September.