Software firm Freeborders Inc has launched a new web-based storyboard application that enables retailers to speed the development of their product lines for greater flexibility.

The product, FB Storyboard, is part of the California-based company's next generation Product Lifecycle Management suite.

Using the program, retailers and brands can refine design concepts early in the product development process and then apply resources only to the styles that will actually be produced, reducing cycle time and cutting costs.

With its web basis, it also allows for all-important customer and global sales team feedback.

"FB Storyboard helps brands and retailers to organise creative product concepts within a collection and to accelerate concept adoption and the sourcing of raw materials," Invista Apparel Solutions global e-business manager Norman Beveridge said.

"We will use FB Storyboard, in concert with the Invista Online Fabric Library developed by Freeborders to provide access to over 35,000 fabrics from 500 mills in 40 countries.

"This is a critical network and resource for manufacturers all over the world."