Fashion business G-Star has published an interactive manufacturing map showing its production countries and factories in a move it hopes will improve transparency in its supply chain.

The map, published on its website, shows the firm's production countries, factory locations, supplier information and projects supported by its GSRD Foundation.

It includes all direct suppliers that G-Star has had a business relationship with for more than two years. This includes 27 factories that together cover over 95% of G-Star's production volume.

"With publishing the names and locations of our suppliers, G-Star takes a next step in transparency," a spokesperson for the company said. "This way we aim to highlight to our customers that all our products are manufactured to high social and environmental standards, and to promote a more transparent and ultimately more sustainable garment industry."

Through G-Star's online store, consumers can see where each product is manufactured by clicking on the ‘produced by' button that redirects to the relevant supplier in the map. This function has been added to all products sold in the online store as of spring/summer 2014.

"Our supply chain partners play an important role in reaching our goal to make a strong product in a sustainable way. We are proud of the products we manufacture together with our suppliers and of the trustworthy and long-term relationships we have built up with them," the spokesperson added.