Gap will open the stores through franchise deals

Gap will open the stores through franchise deals

Gap Inc has revealed plans to launch in Slovenia and Austria as the apparel giant continues with its ongoing global expansion plans.

The company, which recently announced plans to begin sourcing clothing from Burma/Myanmar, said it will launch in Slovenia with new franchise partner Magistrat International, and existing partner Gottex in Austria.

In Slovenia, Gap will open three stores in the capital Ljubljana in September. Two free-standing stores will be located in City Park, the country's largest shopping centre, while the Emporium department store will be the location for the third.

In Austria, Gap will open a free-standing store in Vienna in October, located at the Donauzentrum Mall.

"We launched into five new markets last year; Hungary, Paraguay Peru, Brazil and Costa Rica, and with the opening of stores in Slovenia and Austria we now bring our iconic brand to customers through stores in almost 50 countries," said Gap brand president, Steve Sunnucks.

Gap launched its first franchise operated store in 2006 and now operates around 300 globally.

In June, the company revealed plans to begin sourcing from Myanmar. It will manufacture products from two unnamed factories in Rangoon as part of a partnership with the US Agency for International Development (USAID).