Garmatexs Kottinu fabric is hailed as an alternative to cotton

Garmatex's Kottinu fabric is hailed as an alternative to cotton

Canada-based performance fabric specialist Garmatex Technologies has launched a number of new developments, including what it describes as a "revolutionary" alternative to cotton.

Kottinu is "a better performing and more sustainable alternative to cotton" the company says, that provides wearers with advanced moisture management and odour and bacterial control. Currently used to create cooling pyjamas for women suffering from menopause, and for military, law enforcement officers and firefighters that require temperature regulation under their uniforms, the next plans include rolling out the fabric to the outdoor apparel industry.

"Every day we see the largest brands in outdoor apparel producing garments that are increasingly defined by advances in technology," says Garmatex's CEO, Martin Doane. "Kottinu is the logical next-step in this fabric evolution tailored for an industry that demands maximum comfort, functionality and performance."

Garmatex's Kottinu technology is created at the filament level, which allows it to be custom designed as a knit or a woven. The fabric feels like soft cotton, but wicks like an athletic performance fabric without the inherent problems of pilling, normally associated with brushed man-made fibres. It can be engineered to create base layer, mid-layer garments and jacket linings that keep the outdoor adventurer dry and warm.

Other benefits are said to include colour sharpness, and because it is longer-lasting than regular cotton it is able to considerably extend the life cycle of a garment. When combined with Garmatex's 100% natural anti-microbial technology Bact-Out, Kottinu garments can reduce the bacterial that cause odours.

On show at this week's The Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show in Salt Lake City, Utah, clothing containing Kottinu will be available in stores throughout the US and Canada beginning in spring 2015.

Garmatex Technologies says it uses advanced, nano-level processes that manipulate raw textiles and alter fabric molecules to provide its performance fabrics.

Other new developments include a bio-anatomical shirt and temperature regulating accessories aimed at professional and amateur golfers.

The Prime4orm bio-anatomical shirt is designed to improve golf form by re-engineering the body form and posture to release tension and stiffness, while the new line of smart IceSkin Gear accessories help regulate body temperature in warm weather thanks to a varied group of intelligent fabrics. The IceSkin Gear uses 100% natural jade minerals for its natural cooling properties to keep wearers cool in the heat.