The tool aims to help garment factories improve communication

The tool aims to help garment factories improve communication

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) has launched a new online training tool designed to help garment factories improve communication with its customers, with the aim of building stronger supply chain relationships.

Developed with the support of Swiss NGO, Brot für alle, the Factory Guide engages factory managers in the work of FWF and its members. It is part of FWF’s Workplace Education Programme (WEP) and complements the management training the organisation currently provides in factories.

“FWF works closely with garment brands,” said Sophie Koers of the Fair Wear Foundation. “They inform their suppliers about FWF at the start of their membership. The Factory Guide is an expanded, more accessible and attractive way to do this. Graphics, videos and quizzes add a fun factor to serious matters.”

The Guide explains how labour standards work in practice and what to expect from FWF’s audits. It also clarifies FWF’s vision on supply chain relationships, complaints handling, and trainings.

FWF member brands send invitations to garment factories to participate in the guide. The brand then receives regular updates about progress being made by its supplier in working through the Guide’s topics. Managers have the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts about issues related to labour standards, both with brands and the FWF.

Koers said the Guide elaborates on FWF’s vision that brands and factories share the responsibility for improving working conditions.

“Often, brand practices inhibit improvements on the work floor, but factories do not have the tools to raise these issues with their customers. Good practice examples in the Factory Guide will help factory managers to work with their customers on better communication. For example: how can brands and factories work effectively together on reducing excessive overtime?”