More than 50 Bangladeshi garment workers have reportedly been injured while trying to escape a building when cracks started to appear in the walls. 

According to a report in the Dhaka Tribune, the building in Kaliakair Upazila in Gazipur District started shaking on Tuesday (6 May). 

Workers then left the facility and refused to work. When they were ordered back to work on Wednesday, the factory started to shake. After seeing cracks in the building, employees began to leave, with more than 50 injured in the process. 

The report added that engineers found nothing wrong with the building, and staff returned to work in the evening.

Earlier this week, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety said it has so far sought the immediate suspension of production in five factories following safety concerns. These included overloaded conditions and structural faults in the buildings, raising immediate concern for the safety of workers in these factories.

To date, the Alliance has inspected more than 450 factories, with the goal of completing inspections of all 640 factories from which its members source by 10 July.