Talks to try to end an 11-day strike at a Cambodian supplier that makes garments for international brands including Gap, Levi's and H&M broke down yesterday (22 May) after a day of negotiations.

More than 1,500 workers at Singapore-owned garment maker SL Garment Processing (Cambodia) Company have taken action to demand more pay and better working conditions.

Workers from the garment maker's SL1 and SL2 factories marched to the Cambodian Ministry of Social Affairs Ministry in the capital Phnom Pento demand intervention, but eight hours of negotiation failed to net an agreement.

According to Ath Thorn, president of the Coalition of Cambodia Apparel Workers Democratic Union (C.CAWDU), who represented for the workers at the talks, the workers rejected the factory's offer of a combined transport and living allowance of $7 per month.

Instead, they are calling for an allowance of $10 a month, having dropped this from an initial level of $25. They have also lowered their attendance bonus demands from $12 per month to $10, but the factory is offering just $8. Other demands have also been rejected by factory managers.

The strike will continue until an agreement is reached, Ath Thorn added.

SL Garment Processing (Cambodia) Ltd is a subsidy of Singapore-based SL International Holdings Pte Ltd, which was founded in 1998 and has 5,000 workers. The company also supplies clothes to brands such as Zara, Banana Republic and Decathlon.