Supermarket retailer Asda will have a trial e-commerce website for its George clothing brand online by the end of the year, the company said today (1 October).

Denying reports that the launch of the site had been put back from September, a spokesperson for the UK company told just-style: "What we said was that we might have it running at the end of September.

"But by the end of the year, we will have a trial phase [transactional] online… To get it right is more important than sticking to a particular timescale."

The spokesperson could not say how long the trial period would last, or precisely what items would be available to buy initially.

"It will be a big piece of the business for us," she said.

"Eventually, when we go live properly, we will hope to have the full range of products on there, including a cross-section of men's, women's and children's items."

Supermarket rival Tesco halted online clothing sales in March this year after conducting a pilot project for four months.

The company has not yet said if or when it will resume online sales. Meanwhile, Sainsbury's has announced plans to sell a range of non-food items online, including clothing, in the first half of 2009.