A new automated, high-speed pattern digitising system from Gerber Technology could mark the end of manual digitising, the company claims.

AccuScan digitises multiple patterns simultaneously and outputs AccuMark pattern pieces. The scanning technology is around 20-50% faster than manual digitising, depending on the complexity of the pieces being digitised, Gerber says.

It is also described as more accurate than manual digitising, scanning pattern board, oak-tag or paper plots at accuracies within 1.5mm.

The system automatically detects notches, grain lines, internal lines, drill holes and the part perimeter, ensuring that the patterns are digitised exactly as submitted by the pattern maker.

AccuScan may be added to an existing AccuMark workstation or installed on a standalone PC without AccuMark software.

Ron Ellis, product manager, plotter/peripherals and control systems, believes users will also experience "immediate improvements in productivity and a reduction in digitizing costs."