The new Taurus II leather cutting system from Gerber Technology delivers an improvement in hide yield of up to 10% compared to manual or die cutting, the company claims.

The system also boasts automatic nesting capabilities that are said to be 250 times more powerful than previous offerings and give more consistent results than manual results that depend on an individual's ability to visually analyse the shape of a hide and determine the most efficient placement of dies or templates.

Embedded in a digital camera mounted above the cutting table is Gerber's RapidScan software technology, which captures hides of all colours in seconds. To mark flaws, inspectors use a single colour marker to draw symbols on hides that identify up to four flaw zones. Multiple coloured tape or markers are not necessary.

Comprehensive data also enables managers to track work in progress and identify opportunities to improve processes.

Taurus II digitally records the details of every hide, including usable area and defect area. Users can also compare these figures with those stamped on the back of hides and use the data to help negotiate more effectively with hide suppliers.