AccuMark 9.0 features an improved user interface

AccuMark 9.0 features an improved user interface

Gerber Technology has launched the latest version of the company’s AccuMark pattern design, grading and marking software.

The software provider said Version 9.0 delivered “powerful new features” designed to save time and reduce labour costs, maximising product quality and reducing materials costs.

It added that improved communication and collaboration features would streamline business processes to increase operational efficiency and provide integration between AccuMark and Gerber’s spreading and cutting systems.

The new version also has a new user interface and claimed time-saving enhancements to make it “easier to use than ever”.

“By integrating information among our AccuMark CAD software and our spreading and cutting systems, we significantly improve productivity in the cutting room, reduce errors caused by manual data entry, and provide managers with real-time visibility to the status of their work in process,” said Steve Park, Gerber’s vice president and general manager of its Sewn Goods business.