Golf apparel group Glenmuir on Monday revealed it plans to bring its offshore sweater manufacturing operations back to Scotland in a move that will give the country's textile and clothing industry a welcome boost.

From next year the company will stop ordering sweaters from overseas factories and instead consolidate production of its famous knitwear in Scotland.

Managing director Colin Mee told The Scotsman the move would give the employer of 80 people more control over the production process and improve service levels for the firm’s core product.

"We source product from where we can get the best quality and service and it just so happens that is in Scotland, which is obviously very good news for the knitting industry here," said.

"We've seen a number of designer brands moving into the market recently. Although we do mainly service the more traditional sector of the market we are constantly looking at introducing new colours and designs."

Glenmuir was bought in a management buy-out for £730,000 in early 2000. It supplied the clothing for last year's European Ryder Cup team and earlier this year became the official apparel supplier to the professional golfers' association of Spain.