A global forum organised by IndustriAll and the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) has found strong support for the union's living wage campaign and its emphasis on industry collective bargaining.

The Hong Kong event was held to help to shape the future direction of the global network and define future campaign strategies.

During the discussion on strategies to increase garment sector wages, strong support was expressed for IndustriAll's living wage campaign, it said, and the organisation's emphasis on industry collective bargaining as a key demand.

A recurrent theme at the conference was the need for unity at national level and the barriers that multiple unions create to pursuing labour's demands.

Over the four day meeting, three key strategic themes were debated: Wages; the employment relationship and worker safety; and labour strategy towards Hong Kong and China.

"At a union side meeting organised by IndustriAll, affiliates shared their long histories of activism within the CCC network and discussed how to more closely coordinate responses and action taken by IndustriAll and by CCC, particularly in relation to cases of rights violations and global strategies," the union said.

Around 20 IndustriAll affiliates participated from Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America and Africa.