The following is a roundup of apparel and footwear news from the world's local media. just-style has not checked these stories so cannot guarantee their accuracy.

  • Nearly 800 workers at 16 Cambodian garment factories are still out of work after being dismissed for taking part in a nationwide strike in September to demand better pay and conditions. Union leaders are now preparing to issue demands to the factories to reinstate the workers or face legal action and possibly more strikes. The factories produce clothing for Adidas, Gap, M&S and H&M among others. REUTERS
  • Malaysian textile and apparel firms are worried that a labour shortage means they will be unable to tap into the US market when the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP) agreement comes into effect in 2012. They are urging the government to relax controls on the supply of foreign labour to take advantage of the trade pact, which will see duties lowered or eliminated. THE STAR
  • The Japanese prime minister says Japan will look at the possibility of cutting tariffs on clothing imports from Bangladesh as well as setting up regular talks to strengthen the two countries' economic ties. An increasing number of Japanese textile and clothing companies have been setting up production bases in Bangladesh in recent years partly because of its low labour costs. KYODO NEWS
  • Jiangsu Lianfa Textile is to invest CNY1bn to construct a textile production base in Xinjiang. The company previously invested CNY600m to construct a cotton production base in Xinjiang. CCSTOCK.CN