The following is a round-up of apparel and footwear news from the world's local media. just-style has not checked these stories so cannot guarantee their accuracy.

  • Pakistan is optimistic that India will allow the country to boost textile exports to Europe under a post-floods trade assistance scheme. A meeting of Pakistan's and India's trade ministers in New Delhi in late September is likely to see India drop its veto of a European Union duty-free programme for Pakistani products, Pakistani diplomats said. Formal approval by India could follow at the World Trade Organization and the European Parliament, opening the way for a duty waiver as early as next January. REUTERS
  • Cambodia's Minister of Commerce has called on the US to allow duty-free entry for Cambodian imports. The Kingdom already enjoys the same concession from the European Union and believes the introduction of preferential tax treatment from the US would see its share of US garment imports rise from 2% to 4%. Cambodia currently exports around US$2bn worth of garment products to the US. THE PHNOM PENH POST
  • Indonesia has warned that its textile and garment exports are likely to come in below targets set for this year. Exports are likely to grow by 9% instead of the 15% that had been forecast, due to the economic uncertainty in the US and Europe, the Indonesian Textile Association said. ANTARA
  • China was the victim of the most anti-dumping investigations in the world last year - making this the sixteenth year in a row that it has achieved this dubious honour. The country's textile industry has been one of the biggest victims of trade frictions. China has been embroiled in 313 trade remedy investigations from 2008 to the first-half of this year, of which 35 cases involving $1.9bn were targeted at the country's textile companies. XINHUA
  • Columbia Sportswear has cut ties with an unnamed factory in Vietnam after being told by Human Rights Watch that it had hired a subcontractor using forced labour provided by drug rehabilitation centres. The subcontractor based in Hai Phong was making jackets - which will now be donated to charitable organisations. The factory had worked with the outdoor sports apparel and equipment company for eight years. THE OREGONIAN