US not-for-profit organisation Textile Exchange is planning a series of potential stakeholder consultations to see if there is a need to develop a global wool standard.

The group says it is embarking on the move in response to demand from a couple of key companies for a common approach to address the issues associated with the raising of wool from sheep, and possibly other ruminants such as goats or alpaca.

The issues currently include animal welfare, land management, farm worker welfare, and proper chain of custody throughout the supply chain.

The group is now asking stakeholders from around the globe, different parts of the supply chain and the various markets, to get involved.

"If the need to develop a standard is established, you will then have the chance to decide how you would like to participate," it says.

The first step is for stakeholders to take part in a brief survey that can be accessed here. Webinars are also due to be held on 15 April to better explain the project and to answer any questions.