Golden Lady is the patent-owner and producer of the new NerinoG fibre

Golden Lady is the patent-owner and producer of the new NerinoG fibre

Italian hosiery, underwear and swimwear specialist Golden Lady has collaborated in a EUR5m (US$5.3m) research project that will see it introduce a new man-made fibre to the market.

Combining the best characteristics of natural fibres and synthetics, the new polyamide-ether high strength hydrophilic fibre has been developed with the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan and with US polymer and fibre specialist Invista.

It has been named NerinoG fibre – after Golden Lady group chairman Nerino Grassi – and is said to mark the first time that the nylon-6,6 polymer has been modified since its development by DuPont in the late 1930s.

According to research data shared with just-style, the scientists created a new terpolymer by adding a polyetheramine (Jeffamine ED2003) in the polyamide basis structure. This improves its hydrophilic or moisture absorption properties, making it more comfortable to wear, as well as retaining the fibre strength and ensuring these properties are permanent after washing.

"The permanent properties of the new produced fibre together with its low manufacturing costs open the possibility for its use in many apparel uses," the researchers say.

The Golden Lady Group says the new NerinoG fibre is also bacteriostatic, so it limits the formation of bacteria that cause odours, which is important for garments worn next to the skin. Its ability to retain and expel moisture also makes it ideal for sports clothing.

A company spokesperson told just-style that Golden Lady is the patent-owner and producer of the fibre, but will also sell it to create finished products.

The Golden Lady Company has a network of over 500 Goldenpoint stores around the world, a consolidated turnover in the EU and US of more than EUR500m and Ebitda of EUR58.2m. It has 6,860 employees worldwide, including 2,947 in Italy.