GretagMacbeth has updated its NetProfiler 1.3. Using patented web-enabled technology, NetProfiler tests, measures and profiles colour measurement instruments, enabling the user to attain the desired quality control certifications.

New driver upgrades include GretagMacbeth's ColorEye 2180 and ColorEye 2180UV, in addition to the already existing ColorEye 7000A driver. Even more significant is the addition of drivers for DataColor's SF-600 series of spectrophotometers. This enhancement truly embraces GretagMacbeth's commitment to its open architecture philosophy.

In addition to a multitude of new drivers, NetProfiler now provides an enhanced reporting capability with multi-level administration accounts. The enhanced reporting system allows users to create global instrument groups to organise and monitor their NetProfiler maintenance programs.

Periodic preventive maintenance with NetProfiler involves comparing instrument test results to stored virtual colour standards via the Internet.

"NetProfiler is improving the colour management process for many of our customers and their supply chain partners. The addition of these drivers reflects the continuation of our open architecture philosophy and enables customers to benefit from NetProfiler, even if they presently have colour measurement solutions that are based on old proprietary systems," said Jim Davis, vice president and general manager of GretagMacbeth.