GrupoM, the Dominican Republic-based manufacturer of woven and knit apparel, has invested in new pattern making, grading and marker making software to help improve the time and cost of production.

The TUKAcad and SMARTmark tools from Los Angeles-based Tukatech Inc have been installed as GrupoM expands its manufacturing base to neighbouring Haiti, requiring a CAD system that would service multiple factory locations and development teams.

"In today's tough business environment the need for right tools that will keep you ahead of the curve are very necessary," explains Joseph Blumberg, GrupoM's director sales and merchandising. "Competitiveness, cost efficiency, quick response and accurate product developments right the first time are key."

The system unifies processes within the development of a pattern, and links to the automatic marker system, which creates and stores markers for multiple cutting locations. A key feature of SMARTmark is fabric use optimisation, which is helping GrupoM reduce the amount of cotton fabric used.

GrupoM is the largest apparel manufacturer in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, employing over 10,000 workers, producing for all major branded and private label apparel retailers in the USA.