Today, Lazer Transportation Services is standing by to receive the first shipments using the company's new collapsible container for garments shipped on hangers originating in Guatemala City factories.

"Lazer Transportation Services responded with a true innovative solution to our customer's needs for prompt delivery of the bestselling garments." Said Steven Kamhi, president of production, Aaron Kamhi, Inc whose New York based-manufacturing company launched this Fall's fashion season using the Lazer Collapsible Garment Containers.

"The launch of this garment on hanger air freight program is typical of our global team effort." Said Jim Lhamon, chief operating officer for Lazer Transportation Services, A Business of F.X. Coughlin Co., which along with its sister company Distance Packaging Solutions, designed this new collapsible shipping container.

Working closely with the apparel industry, the shipping container program was first proposed just six months ago. In May this year with the first working prototype, Contreras worked closely with alliance partner Caniz International Corporation of Guatemala and distance packaging engineers to deliver the working program to meet the logistics challenges of the customer's peak fashion season.

Manufactured in Canada, the containers when collapsed occupy a mere 12 per cent of the space of older container methods when speeding the necessary containers to the factories. Each unit is assembled by one or two people as needed on the factory floor. This quick assembly and packing process allows Lazer Transportation to immediately expedite delivery of the display ready garments by scheduled airliners direct to the buyer/retailer.

"Our advanced import/export transportation services backed by long-term alliances in Central American trade centres are increasingly sought after by both apparel and textile manufacturers seeking their marketing advantages," said Lhamon.

"Lazer's knowledge of all transportation options available south of the border allows manufacturers to better meet the changing demands of their fashion-retailer customers"; he continued. The continued growth of Caribbean and South American garment assembly business has meant that Contreras's team of Miami-based Southern hemisphere specialists are travelling to cities like New York (the traditional headquarters for many fashion industry leaders). This is a change from the usual localized sales efforts employed by most traditional transportation and logistics companies.

Lazer Transportation Services is a freight forwarding and customs house brokerage service. Utilizing its strength as an F.X. Coughlin company, Lazer Transportation Services brings to its customers over forty years of alliances with the strongest players in over 200 marketplaces around the world including every major trade centre in the United States. Contact Sam De Carlo, senior director for more information through the web at
Caniz International Corporation links Guatemala to the world as one of seven companies that make up the Caniz firm. The firm now 50 years old, employs over 200 Guatemalans in the areas of transportation, moving and storage. Contact Blanca Roca, Multiservicios Sales Manager for more information at 5022-348-181.

Aaron Kamhi, Inc is a garment manufacturer located in New York, NY. Distance Packaging Solutions is a business of the F.X. Coughlin Co and partners with its customers to develop and implement a custom packaging system designed to optimise parts flow and deliver cost savings that impact every facet of a supply chain. Contact Mark Bourgeau, COO for more information at 1-734-946-2760.