Gunzetal Ltd, Asia's largest sewing thread producer, is to develop and build the world's first interactive online shade card using technology from eWarna's online apparel and textile colour management system.

The online shade card will offer precise reflectance readings and the colour search and difference tools of the sort usually found in high-end standalone colour management software.

"This tool will save us the constant cost of upgrading and altering shade cards whilst presenting the colours in a manner the user can search with full precision from their desktop web browser," said Gunzetal managing director Stanford Kuo.

"It opens up many new market avenues for us and we are proud that we will be the first company in the world to offer this benefit to the textile supply chain."

Gunzetal's customers can pick target colours from a palette or by lab value, or upload them using reflectance readings, then search the company's complete shade range for the nearest shade before deciding - using the colour difference tools - whether the shades available are close enough.

Gunzetal's web page will connect directly to data measured into eWarna's Labworks software running recipe prediction and colour QC functions in Gunzetal's dyehouses. For smaller companies without such a software, or a spectrophotometer, eWarna will measure or update their shades into the eWarna standard online shade card package.

All the web pages are built using eWarna's XZone XML Toolkit, which can deliver full precision colour management to any web page, e-commerce system or indeed any XML-ready system, connected to readings input to eWarna's web server using Labworks and most brands of spectrophotometers.

EWarna's patent-pending online colour management system was designed to streamline the colour supply chain by minimising lead-time in the colour approval cycle. Current clients include Prym Newey, a German-owned textile multinational, and Gunzetal Ltd, Asia's largest thread maker. A privately held company based in Malacca, Malaysia, eWarna's investors include Nirvana Capital and Nan Fung Investments.