International wool supplier H Dawson Wool is to use the DNA-based anti-counterfeiting technology pioneered by provider Applied DNA Sciences (APDN).

APDN said the company would use its Signature T anti-counterfeiting system for the DNA marking and authentication of loose wool fibre products used by its customers, including apparel.

H Dawson CEO Jo Dawson said the technology “matches perfectly” with the company’s commitment to deliver genuinely traceable wool to the end consumer.

APDN president and CEO Dr James Hayward added: “As DNA-marked textiles proliferate throughout the world supply system, more and more retailers, distributors, and others are able to authenticate these marked items, and assure their customers of their identity and authenticity.

“This universe of DNA-marked goods, as we call it, makes the unique benefits of our technology available to innumerable companies at all levels of the supply chain.”