Graduation wear firm Herff Jones has ordered a fourth production line from Eton Systems at its Arcola, Illinois plant.

The new Eton line is part of a major factory expansion expected to be completed in January 2007.

In addition to increasing its Eton implementation to a total of 86 workstations, the company is midway through the addition of 70,000 sq ft. of new floor space to the existing 100,000-sq-ft facility.

"We are expanding to meet both current and anticipated growth", said Terry Hayden, plant manager at Arcola.

"This addition is part of our 15-year strategic growth plan. We continue to invest in Eton as we constantly work to maximise efficiency, minimise costs, and improve quality. With our prior Eton implementations, we had full production within one week and have increased efficiencies by more than 20% on average."

Eton Systems is the innovator and world's leading supplier of the Unit Production System (UPS), the productivity and management system developed specifically for use in the sewn-products industries.

UPS automates material flow through the production process and minimises material handling for each operation throughout the manufacturing process.