H&M is to create a Skill Development Centre of Excellence

H&M is to create a 'Skill Development Centre of Excellence'

H&M has announced its commitment to Business Call to Action (BctA), a global initiative hosted by the UN Development Programme that aims to support business efforts to fight poverty.

The Swedish clothing retailer said it will create a 'Skill Development Centre of Excellence' to help raise the levels of vocational training and provide certificates. This, in turn, will help increase productivity, as well as the long term employability of industry workers.

H&M said it hopes the training will benefit around 5,000 individuals by 2016.

If successful, the retailer said it also plans to establish a certified and replicable model for training and support for skilled labour within the export Ready Made Garment (RMG) industry.

"The training will raise the workers' level of education, provide them with skills required for development of the industry and increase their employability," said Helena Helmersson, global head of sustainability at H&M.