Hong Kong is ramping up protection for online consumers and merchants with the launch of a new trust mark to guarantee products are not fake and that genuine items with correct descriptions are being sold. 

The Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce (HKFEC) made the launch this week, and said it will "aggressively promote" and encourage more online retailers to participate. It will also ensure all its members obtain the Trust Mark, guaranteeing never to sell fake products and give wrongful service descriptions online. 

The HKFEC says Hong Kong's retail industry offers a wide variety of international goods and services, but due to a number of "unbehaved" online retailers, many local and overseas customers don't feel comfortable buying from Hong Kong-based online stores. The organisation is hoping the launch of the Trust Mark will stop consumers bein misled, and lead to better development in the global e-commerce market. 

"Our launch marks a kick-start for trusted e-commerce development," says Meiling Talibart, vice chairman of HKFEC. "Hong Kong being an international city has great potential to become the centre for mainland China or even Asia. The Trust Mark will require more support from the government and organisations from different industries."