Luxury fashion brand Panos Emporio's swimwear is set to make a splash with guests at Thailand's five star hotels and beach resorts through a major expansion drive.

The company has started selling its designer swimwear in shops at luxury hotels and is now searching for a partner in a bid to help its boost market share.

Panos Emporio's founder and creator, Panos Papadopolous, told the Bangkok Post its signature swimwear is already available at the Grand Hyatt and Evason hotels in Hua Hin, and two more retail deals are imminent.

"Many different shops and hotels have approached us and asked to sell Panos Emporio in their stores, but we're very careful about the placement of our swimsuits. It has to be a store that can live up to the Panos Emporio brand," he said.

"I can't compare Panos Emporio to mass-produced swimwear. Panos is not in competition with it."

He added that his company expects steady growth of around 10 per cent this year but is reluctant to see his designer swimwear go global in case he can't have full control over the nine-year-old brand.