South Korea is going through something of a miniskirt boom at the moment, but surprisingly the traditional big buyers of miniskirts have been bumped by 40-something housewives according to one major Seoul department store.

Lotte Department Store said recently that an analysis of the mall's miniskirt sales from 2005 to 2007 shows that the majority of consumers (32.7%) were in their 40s, beating the 20- somethings who took up 21.4% of the January to June sales.

Shoppers in their 30s are the third biggest miniskirt shoppers at 30.5%. However, their purchase record over the past three years has declined. Benetton and ABFZ are the top picks among frequent buyers according to the store.

Curiously the country has just revised an indecency law that prohibited people from wearing revealing outfits including miniskirts, though the law introduced in the authoritarian 70s was rarely enacted.

By Michael Fitzpatrick.