Luxury fashion brand Hugo Boss has been praised for its decision to commit to fur-free fashion from its autumn/winter 2016 collection onwards.

Animal protection charity Humane Society International says the pledge, which was made public in the recently-published Hugo Boss Sustainability Report 2014, "sends a really powerful message to other luxury brands."

"By setting a new trend of compassion, Hugo Boss is showing that it is never acceptable for animals to die for the catwalk, and that's a fashion craze we really hope other luxury brands will follow," said the charity’s executive director Claire Bass.

Bernd Keller, brand and creative director for sportswear at Hugo Boss, wrote in the sustainability report that Hugo Boss had conducted a survey to reveal its customers’ expectations – and that quality and sustainability, particularly animal protection, rated highly.

"Contemporary customers are part of a generation which is re-evaluating their ethical and fundamental values," Keller wrote. "We want to include this generation among Hugo Boss consumers. We demonstrate through our products that premium and luxury are able to integrate ethical and environmental issues."

Hugo Boss joins a growing list of fur-free brands and retailers, including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Zara, and Asos.

Humane Society International is part of The Fur Free Alliance which held discussions with Hugo Boss regarding its fur policy.