Huntsman Textile Effects, the manufacturer of chemicals and dye products, has introduced a range of reactive inks designed to deliver deeper shades and optimum print performance at a lower cost.

The Novacron XKS HD inks for industrial ink jet printing of apparel or home textiles require less ink to achieve the desired depth of colour. They offer up to 50% more colour intensity than other reactive inks available in the market, Huntsman says, delivering a high-performance result with minimal printer maintenance or downtime, and minimises ink wastage.

"Industrial digital printing faces the challenge of delivering superior quality and optimum print reliability while effectively managing cost and environmental impact," says Joerg von Allmen, global director of new business development for Huntsman Textile Effects.

He added: "Our innovative formulation enhances efficiency by reducing ink consumption without compromising on colour intensity."

The Novacron XKS HD ink range contains eight high density colours, including very deep black, and can be combined with Huntsman’s Prepajet Uni pre-preparation auxiliary for "exceptional colour, printing efficiency and cost savings".

The polymer structure of the Prepajet Uni auxiliary prevents ink migration on the fabric surface, enabling optimum sharpness, definition and colour intensity. It is easy to apply and remove, and is suitable for use on all fibres.