Dyes and chemicals business Huntsman Textile Effects is to implement a Productivity Improvement Program (PIP) at Indonesian spinning, weaving and dyeing firm Argo Pantes.

Huntsman said the PIP would aim to reinforce the business leadership of Argo Pantes through enhancing economic and environmental sustainability for increased profitability.

Argo Pantes, the flagship company of Argo Manunggal Group, said that by working with Huntsman, it will be able to enhance existing best practices and optimise operational processes for greater product yield and quality.

The plant will also adopt technologies such as Novacron C dyes and Clarite One all-in-one pre-treatment that can deliver high performance while providing economic and environmental benefits.

"The textile industry holds a significant role in Indonesia’s manufacturing sector," said Chuck Hirsch, VP of commercial and technical resources for Huntsman. "Staying competitive requires mills to have the best technical know-how, efficient operations and optimum product quality with a focus on economic and environmental sustainability.

"The strength of this partnership is that Huntsman Textile Effects will work closely with Argo Pantes to help them meet both economic and environmental sustainability while helping them stay highly competitive in the marketplace."

Implemented in a number of mills around the world, Huntsman said its PIP has delivered "significant improvement" in productivity and up gradation in quality. The PIP has also been capable of helping mills increase their output by 30% or more based on existing plant capacity and improve their right-first-time performance.

With rising costs and increasing competition from foreign companies, Indonesian textile manufacturers are increasingly making significant plant investments to streamline their supply chains, complement their upstream or downstream activities and align themselves with international industry standards.