The International Apparel Federation (IAF) has decided to move its headquarters from London to Zeist, in The Netherlands.

The move is part of an overall restructuring scheme which included a review of the Federation's Charter and Articles of Association.

The IAF is an international association of national associations of apparel and textiles that was founded in 1972 at Williamsburg, US, by the trade federations of Europe, the US and Japan.

IAF's membership includes apparel associations from 33 countries representing over 150,000 apparel companies and over 5m employees.

Under the new rules, the IAF will accept as corporate members with full voting rights individual companies whose core business is the manufacturing and/or marketing of apparel or other sewn or knitted products.

The Dutch Trade Association for Fashion and Interior Textiles MODINT will be hosting the IAF and its director general, Han Bekke, will serve as IAF secretary general in the interim until somebody is appointed to manage the IAF secretariat.