International Legwear Group has agreed a new multi-year license agreement with Walls Industries. Under the agreement, ILG becomes the exclusive manufacturer, marketer, and distributor for all Walls brand legwear products in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The announcement comes just as ILG ends a 29-year relationship with Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, during which ILG remained the exclusive licensee for the Dickies legwear products.

"ILG has dominated legwear manufacturing and sales in the Work Category for nearly three decades," said Kathy Willis, CEO of ILG. "Work wear is ILG's core business, and we plan to extend that market leadership going forward. To meet that goal, ILG needed a partner as committed to the Work Category as we are. Walls stands alone in that commitment, and its performance in the marketplace proves it."

Jerry Meyer, CEO of Walls Industries, said: "We are very excited and proud to partner with ILG who we believe to be the leader in the legwear sales work category. Their brand and knowledge is a perfect fit with the Walls' heritage superior workwear. We are both dedicated to providing our customers with the very best possible customer service."