Inditex has expressed surprise over allegations that immigrants and children have been producing clothing for its Zara fashion brand in "degrading" sweatshop conditions.

Argentinian worker rights group La Alameda has published a video on YouTube that allegedly shows terrible conditions that labourers were being forced to work in.

According to reports in the UK press today, La Alameda claims that the mostly Bolivian labourers were made to work more than 13 hours a day and were prevented from leaving the factories without permission.

A spokesperson for La Alameda told The Telegraph that people at the factory were made to start at 7am and work without a break until 11pm, six days a week.

Responding to the claims, an Inditex spokesperson told just-style: "We are surprised by the allegations being made by La Alameda. Based on the limited information we have received so far, the workshops in question do not appear to have any relationship with our approved suppliers in Argentina. 

"We are keen to work with La Alameda to understand the substance of their allegations, but we have received no contact from them regarding these claims, nor have we had any contact or complaint from the Argentinian authorities."

The world's largest retailer emphasised that it has a zero tolerance approach to any infringement of labour regulations, and its Code of Conduct requires all suppliers to comply fully with all local laws.

"Our 60 suppliers in Argentina have been regularly audited, with more than 300 audits carried out by Inditex in the last two years," the spokesperson added.

In January, the company suspended two suppliers after it found they were illegally subcontracting to a Bangladesh factory that burnt down, killing seven people. 

La Alameda has not yet responded to requests for further comment.