E-commerce solutions and services provider TradeTextile.com Inc (TradeTextile) has recently expanded into enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) by acquiring Infoage International Limited.

Infoage is an enterprise solution developer that focuses on the garment industry. Founded in 1999, it has developed an ERP solution known as MA Enterprise or MA2000, that is used by leading companies in the headwear, bags, lingerie, ski jacket, sweater knit, silk and suit sectors of the softgoods industry. Infoage also distributes Investronica Sistemas and NedGraphics CAD/CAM products.

Following the acquisition, the two companies will operate under the group name TTC InfoAge. TradeTextile will focus on providing e-commerce services such as trade facilitation and content provision, and transfer its solution business to Infoage. Such restructuring will allow TradeTextile to be more focused in its services, while Infoage will integrate e-commerce, ERP and SCM products to provide customers with total solutions.

Allan Cheung, former CEO of TradeTextile who now assumes the CEO position of TTC InfoAge, said: "TradeTextile and Infoage are highly complementary to each other. First, Infoage's customer base in finished products is a valuable addition to the TradeTextile community, while TradeTextile's yarn and fabric suppliers provide Infoage's customers with more sourcing options.

"Second, the acquisition allows TTC InfoAge to provide a comprehensive suite of products that are compatible and integrated with each other. Our customers can now use one vendor's solutions to handle both internal operations and external collaborations among business partners.

"Third, Infoage's strong customer service capability in HK and Southern China complements TradeTextile's strengths in Hong Kong and northern China. All these synergies create big benefits for our customers."

"The financial strengths of TradeTextile and its shareholders give us an opportunity to further develop our products and service our customers", said Nick Wei, former director of Infoage who now becomes a director of TTC InfoAge. "We also value TradeTextile's market leadership in mainland China as we plan to grasp the vast opportunities in China after its WTO accession."

The founders of Infoage have chosen to convert their entire interests in Infoage to shares of TradeTextile. Subsequent to the acquisition, iBusiness remains as the largest shareholder holding about 22 per cent of TTC Infoage.