Innovation and destinctive designs will be key to the success of fabric companies at the Textile Forum this year.

The Textile Forum will bring together a range of fabrics from leading British and Continental Suppliers for the designer market.

"In today's tough trading climate, it will be those companies that are not afraid to introduce innovative and distinctive collections that will fare better than those trying to battle for market share in the middle ground," said organiser Linda Laderman.

"This season, Textile Forum exhibitors have enlarged their collections and some have introduced more expensive ranges as designers and buyers search for the individuality that will keep consumer interest high."

New exhibitors include are John Boyd Textiles, one of the last weavers of horsehair fabrics in the world, online outlet Trims and Beyond, and The Woolmark Company, which will be promoting the use of Merino wool, including Cool Wool for spring/summer.

Other exhibitors include: Acorn Fabrics, Alan Litman, Basinghall UK, Bennett Silks, Bernstein & Banleys, Bradshaw & Bradshaw, Carrington Fleet Textiles, Denholme, EQS, G H Leathers, Graham Smith, Henry Bertrand, Holland & Sherry, J T Knitting, James Hare, John Kaldor, Laurent Garigue Partnership, Michael's Bridal Fabrics, Pongees, Ringhart, Ruffo Coli Tessuti, Schwarzschild Ochs, Solstiss and The National Weaving Co.

The forum will be held on 7-8 March at the Music Room in London.