Apparel group Innovo has appointed Tom O'Riordan to its board of directors.

O'Riordan, who joined the board on Friday (7 April), most recently served in an executive consulting and advisory capacity to the senior management team of Sport Brands International and its subsidiary Fila, a manufacturer and retailer of branded footwear, apparel and accessories.

Innovo chairman Sam Furrow said: "After conducting its search for an additional independent director, the board is confident that it has chosen someone who brings operational expertise within the retail, apparel and consumer products industry sectors, as well as a solid track record of successfully advising and guiding a wide variety of apparel, footwear and retail businesses."

Innovo, through its operating subsidiaries Innovo Azteca Apparel and Joe's Jeans, is a sales and marketing organization designing and selling apparel products to the retail and premium markets.