Intentia International AB and Justwin Technologies are to work together to develop a tightly integrated interface between Justwin's Product Data Management and Collaboration software solution for apparel, footwear and textile manufacturers and Intentia's Movex Fashion, the e-collaboration and supply chain management solution.

Movex Fashion is a fully integrated enterprise solution that combines financial/accounting, manufacturing, supply chain and distribution functionality with a host of industry-specific functions. Justwin's Product Data Management and Collaboration software enables companies to streamline pre-production development processes through concurrent document management, automatic costing and efficient workflow collaboration. Joint development of an interface between the two will support existing and prospective customers by speeding up development cycles and reducing time to market.

"Tighter integration between the Justwin solution and Movex Fashion will greatly enhance our clients' competitiveness," said Rick Ludolph, executive vice president at Justwin Technologies. "This partnership provides for a seamless flow of information between the two systems, enabling greater supply chain visibility and elimination of redundant data entry and the resulting errors that are common with dispersed systems."